Cast 540: Guest Brad Guigar

This week we have a guest that Sean was so excited to talk to – NSFW artist Brad Guigar! Brad has been doing NSFW art and cartoons for years and we got to sit down and chat with him about his work “Evil Inc.” and his philosophy on creating art and teaching the next generation. … Read more

Cast 536: Guest Madame Bella

Every once in a while we meet someone on the show who makes everyone around them smarter and better for having talked to them. This week Madame Bella of ‘Bella’s’ – a legal brothel in Wells Nevada – proves herself to be one such person. We had a great time, learned some things and we … Read more

Cast 535: Guest Pepper Kat

We have the lovely and talented Pepper Kat on the show this week! She is awesome and we have a great time talking with her about how she got into the industry and how she spends her time now. After the the interview (when we don’t have any supervision) we devolve into three old men … Read more

Cast 520: Tales From The Pole

Awww, yeah ya’ll it’s a “Tales From the Pole” type of day on this cast as Abby tells us about her trip to Boston and how the strip clubs are there! 

Cast 519: Loaded With Guests

We have a few guests on this cast! First, our friend Abby who has been lurking for quite some time, and fellow podcast co-host from Gentlemens Soapbox, 80’s Cheese movie review, and HawksEye guns Jake! It is a more enjoyable cast than we’ve had in a while!

Podcast 503: Guest Alice Funker

We are perfectly delighted to have Alice Funker return to the show again after coming back to the industry. She is just the happiest and most perky person we’ve ever had guest on the show – in short, we love her to death and know you guys will love hearing her again as well. Join … Read more

Podcast 500: Five Double oh Ya’ll

I’m not sayin we have been doing this for a while or anything but five, zero, zero my homies. Join Beef, Sean, and a few familiar voices as we roll into our 500th cast!

Podcast 479: Guest – Johnny G

This week we talk to author and all-around awesome dude Johnny G about his book “How to be a Male Porn Star in 6-9 Days” and what his life is like on a day-to-day basis. We enjoyed the heck out of talking to him and are excited for ya’ll to hear it as well!

Podcast 459: Guest: Amberly Rothfield – Part 2

Podcast 459: Welcome to part 2 of the Amberly Rothfield interview! Guess what, she’s on a train! In what Sean thinks is the best story ever Amberly recounts one of the strangest calls she’s ever had a sex line operator and Sean totally agrees. Join us for just the best thing ever!