Podcast 412: Guest Jessica Starling

Podcast 412: This week we are joined by the completely sexy and talented Jessica Starling. In this the last cast released in 2020 we talk about trends in the industry, Operator flips out about Jessica’s POV work, we find that Jessica is something of a manhood expert – oh, and Sean is painfully hungover. Merry … Read more

Podcast 411: Guest Amberly and Dani Rothfield

Podcast 411: This week on the show as we are close to closing out 2020 we have our absolute favorite persons on the show which is the talented Amberly and Dani Rothfield! Whether it’s talking sexy time or moving dead bodies somehow they make everything more interesting. This time for instance Amberly recounts the time … Read more

Podcast 410: Guest Johnny Goodluck

Podcast 410: This week we are joined by the dynamic and many-talented Johnny Goodluck. We had no idea what to expect with Johnny on the show but as it turns out he’s as chill and good-natured as they come and we had a lot of fun talking with him about his work and how it … Read more

Podcast 407: Guests: Milk and Aurora from Nymphomercial

Podcast 407: This week on the show we are joined by Milk and Aurora from the Nymphomercial Podcast! They fit in with our particular brand of crazy pretty damn well as they seamlessly blend into our reading of the sexy news – Join us! To follow along and check out the show notes they can … Read more

Podcast 406: Guest Sensual Sharon

Podcast 406: This week on the show we have one of our favorite types of guests on the show – those awesome girls that work the sex lines! This week we are given access to the in’s and out’s of working the lines with Sensual Sharon! She’s been a phone sex operator for 12 years … Read more

Podcast 404: Guest Britney Amber

Podcast 404: We are so excited that Britney Amber stopped by the show to talk to us this week. We all had a super crush on her for different reasons. Seriously ya’ll if we fed all the things we wanted into a computer, Weird Science style, the Kelly Lebrock that would step out of the … Read more

Podcast 401: Guests: Amberly and Dani Rothfield

Podcast 401: In episode 401 we have our absolute favorite person in the world back on the show – Amberly Rothfield! And not only does she join us for just under two hours of content for you guys she brought her wife Dani with her! I could tell you we stayed on topic and were … Read more

Podcast 399: Guest Kelly Shibari

Podcast 399: This week we are excited to have Kelly Shibari stopping by the show this week. She’s a wicked-thick Asian hottie and we loved talking with her about the industry and why Sean can’t go to Japan anytime soon. She’s got expansive knowledge, a fantastic sense of humor, and we love her to death! … Read more

Podcast 396: Guest Maya Sinstress

Podcast 396: This week on the show we host the lovely and enchanting Maya Sinstress! She’s got a huge thing for horror movies, taboo sexual subjects, and crazy birthday parties. Did we mention she’s got a forked tongue and her nips are tattooed up? Because yeah, that’s real. Join us and buckle up kiddos, this … Read more

Podcast 394: Guest Joslyn Jane

Podcast 394: The week on the show we are joined with the beautiful and completely milf’ish Joslyn Jane! We talk with her on getting into porn what she likes about being a milf and how her being completely real is better for her than having some work done. We had a great time with her … Read more