Wholesome Addiction: 122

We change it up a little this week and do a movie review of “Her.” Join us as we pontificate on what it is to love and be loved in the modern age and what sex might be like with an A.I. Listener Mike sends us a question about hair which strikes home with Beef … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 121

This week on the cast we talk about James Deen and his flick with funny lady/writer Jenn Tisdale. By all accounts, Mr Deen is a good guy. Jenn’s story supports that claim entirely. In our Erotica segment, we review Amari Chase’s new audiobook of an old favorite of ours in the form of ‘Awakening Lexi’ … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 120

This week we give you the mate to last week’s cast with 16 Lies We Need To Stop Teaching Boys About Sex. We answer a question about relationships for listener Lou; Sean tells us a story that didn’t happen; the news brings us boyfriend kisses, dirty sinners, Dr. Who XXX, and prostitutes. Plus as a … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 119

This week on the show we run down 17 lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex. Beef teaches us some new words; Operator finds some bomb-ass links of Asian sexiness; and in news we break down how many licks it would take to get to the bottom of $550,000 worth of virgin. All … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 118

Creativity in porn: some say it’s not possible with the systems we have now and others say if you can’t find creativity you really aren’t looking hard enough. We discuss what we see when we look out on the landscape of porn – other than tons of boobs. We take the time to answer a … Read more