Podcast 228: What Kind of Car Are You

On cast 228 we answer the hard questions, the ones that just… go there. Questions such as, why is Beef sleepy, what kind of car are you, and other burning topics of our day. We also feature hard-hitting journalism like “Sean’s wife goes to the strip club.” We feel like its award-winning stuff really, you … Read more

Podcast 227: Tap The Bubbler

Behold as WA brings forth the birth of “Tap The Bubbler!” yep, it was that kind of show this week. We also had tales of men listener questions and a lot of general goofishness that turns out to be about par for the course – a fun time. Join us! To follow along and check … Read more

Podcast 226: Home Depot Hookers

This week on the show: friend of the show Lou tells us about Home Depot, Cecil tells us how it is, Uncle Beef, some hot porn clips, and of course awesome listener questions. It’s a free-for-all here on the show this week – and that’s how we like it. To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 225: Sexbots

Beef is almost over his rabies, Operator shows his unending love for Yanet Garcia, and Sean ponders what actual sexbots would be like and when we can have them. So basically if you’ve heard the cast before you know whats coming. If not, well, that’s whats coming. To follow along and check out the show notes they … Read more