Wholesome Addiction: 131

This week Tiggs Panther sends and great article about the dangers of demonizing male sexuality and we talk about it a bit. Listener Telina gives us her answer from last week’s dating game. And in the news, we have: Hawking is a swinger, don’t be a dick at comic-con, spreadsheet sex counts, 50 Shades trailer, … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 130

This week we read an article entitled “What Every Man Should Know Before Sleeping with a Woman” and found it generally boils down to – “Talk to her.” The news brings us: bad idea dating apps, Zoe is worried about being hot, different ideas of what sexy is, and 10 things she’s thinking about your … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 129

This week on the show we give you Tales of Men! The segment where you get a peek at how guys really react when trying to get through real-life situations – hint, it does not go well. The Operator finds two unbelievably beautiful new porn actresses in Brooke Wylde and Natalie Lust in the New … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 128 – Guest NightWing

Our friend NightWing stops by the show this week to talk hotness and cast doubt on things better than sex. Our Erotica segment brings us the work of Dan Jarron and teacher sex. Plus, as always we have a few sexy clips and news that cover: standards of beauty, dildo/gun ads, masturbation stats, and stripper … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 127

Cast 127 gets us talking about bad sex toys. What we were thinking creating them and what that might say about us as humans. The news brings us: butt enhancements, sour grapes from Huff Post writer, fisting, imperfect bodies, and the Nozzle. Our roving reporter Thelonious Sweetleaf visits a fetish club and tells us what’s … Read more