Cast 559: To Teach or To OF?

Is it better to be a teacher or an OF model? That is not even a question. Yet it did make the news this week. Of course, there isn’t much of a choice, if you looked like her you might come to the same conclusion as well.

Cast 558: Stay on Topic!

Join us this week as we attempt to stay on topic. I did say attempt, because if I’m honest that didn’t exactly go well. There are topics my friends, and we didn’t stay on them. But Fallout is great and Sean may have a bit of a man-crush on Walton Goggins.

Cast 557: Room Service

Abby is awesome. She heard that the boys were all going to be busy this week so she rallied and put forth a gem of her own creation. Yep, you read correctly Abby is going to to read to you guys an erotica story she wrote. Sit back and let Abby tell you about life … Read more

Cast 556: Happy Forking

Today we want to remind you that stabbing your date with a fork is a certified fresh move on a first date. Hey, it worked for Jake. Also, there is a lot of talk this week about sex toys shaped like caterpillars… for no reason.

Cast 555: Drones Smack Sex Toys on Signs

You knew eventually it was going to happen. Drones are used for everything else why not put rainbow sex toys on signs? I mean, perhaps this is what we’ve all been waiting for. Then Sean pimps Beef out on the Discord server.