Podcast 437: Sean & Beef Go It Alone

Podcast 437: Operator is out this week so Beef and Sean soldier on anyway. To that effect, Sean covers some videos of nuns that like activity around the back, and Beef stops everything to watch a live anime girl do her thing. We then sprint into the news and make a mess of it like … Read more

Podcast 436: We Love These Women Still

Podcast 436: This week we find Beef is still in love with Lexi Luna, Sean still has a thing for Rebecca Vanguard and the Operator carries a torch for Meana Wolf like nobody’s business. That and some sexy news and a few listener letters on today’s show! Join us! To follow along and check out … Read more

Podcast 435: Dakota Skye

Podcast 435: We are back as a trio this week and in the hot seat covering some news, sexy videos, and some outlook on life. Join us as we break down what’s happening in Texas, some further news on Dakota Skye, NYC is a little off their rocker, and the earth may be shrinking your … Read more

Podcast 434: Your Listener Letters

Podcast 434: This week on the show we read and answer your listener letters! Granted, it’s a bit overdue but that’s what keeps us right in the zone as far as expectations go! So happy fathers day from us to you and away we read!