Cast 520: Tales From The Pole

Awww, yeah ya’ll it’s a “Tales From the Pole” type of day on this cast as Abby tells us about her trip to Boston and how the strip clubs are there! 

Cast 519: Loaded With Guests

We have a few guests on this cast! First, our friend Abby who has been lurking for quite some time, and fellow podcast co-host from Gentlemens Soapbox, 80’s Cheese movie review, and HawksEye guns Jake! It is a more enjoyable cast than we’ve had in a while!

Cast 518: Covid & Porn, That’s Why Women are Single?

It sounds funny but the reason why single women are still single is the virus and nsfw material. Yep, that seems to be the consensus for some folks and it just leaves us shaking our head. Its like they are just throwing darts at a board with stuff they don’t like on it. 

Cast 517: Kobe Feet

Beef has a business venture and It’s called Kobe-Feet. Yes, that is not a misprint that’s what it’s going to be called and it may, in fact, be a billion-dollar industry in states where it’s legal.