Podcast 479: Guest – Johnny G

This week we talk to author and all-around awesome dude Johnny G about his book “How to be a Male Porn Star in 6-9 Days” and what his life is like on a day-to-day basis. We enjoyed the heck out of talking to him and are excited for ya’ll to hear it as well!

Podcast 478: News and a Letter

Join us this week as Sean wanders through a cast in a sleep-deprived state and Beef tries to keep him on target. Sean drools over Bonnie Bowtie a bit then Beef remembers why he loves Meana Wolf so much. Here’s the link to the new Star Trek cast for Strange New Worlds that Sean, Shannon, … Read more

Podcast 477: World Gone Crazy

This show was brought to you by your boys and PUFF who basically handed us a fully formed show this week. We cover news stories, and the letters you sent us then revealed what the perfect shade of lipstick for every woman actually is. Join us for a fun ride of sexy stories and semi-pro … Read more

Podcast 476: News and Letters

This week on the show Puff pretty much built the show for us along with a few awesome listeners who wrote in! We loved recording this one a had so much fun! To follow along and check out the show notes, they can be found HERE