Wholesome Addiction: 157

This week its a listener mail show! Huzzah! I’d write more to describe the show content but it’s damn near eleven o’clock and I’m too damn tired to remember! Sooooo… show!

Wholesome Addiction: 156

Hair. It’s that double-edged blade of sexy and hassle that both enchants us and brings us to our knees. This week we take a look at what women go through to remove it and keep it in fighting shape and how important it is to us as men – ladies you’d be surprised. Also, we … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 155

Dating. It’s an age-old product of human interaction – one we, as a species, know next to nothing about when we’re just starting out. Your friends at WA try and remedy that. Sean goes on a rant about moronic anti-gay lawmakers; Operator finds an unbelievably sexy newcomer in the new nude review, Beef talks press … Read more