Podcast 463: Tiny Asians, Lists, and The Matrix

Podcast 463: We check out some crazy hot videos this week, answer a question about the Matrix then read about a truly stupid list of stars that has Sean’s favorite person ever on it. The Operator couldn’t join us this time so Beef and Sean fumble through as best we can. We can’t wait to … Read more

Podcast 462: A Bewitching Brunette

Podcast 462: We watch a lot of spicey videos and read some of your letters on the show this week. There is a certain bewitching brunette in the videos we are watching that we find out Beef could be made to commit major felonies for. We also have several theories on Sean you guys write … Read more

Podcast 461: Asians, Swimmers, and Ripping Muscles

Podcast 461: We are fully back in swing for the first cast of the 2022 new year and we cover a lot of ground. There is a rather immobile Asian woman, an issue of motile swimmers, a lengthwise tear, and some trespassing. Join us! To follow along and check out the show notes they can … Read more

Podcast 460: Wild Life and Other 2022 Things

Podcast 460: We are back on the mic as a Trio for the first cast of 2022! We chat about videos, review the first Video Game that loves you back, then roll through some super sexy news for you! It’s good to be here in the new year! To follow along and check out the … Read more