Wholesome Addiction: 100

We take a little time this week to celebrate 100 shows of Wholesome Addiction. Unedited and uncut, we take some time to talk about the cast and hear from you – the listeners. Join us as we laugh our way through our century mark!

Wholesome Addiction: 099

Gather ’round children as we tell tales of vampires who desire more than your blood and zombies Beef’s been intimate with. Yes, this time out we explore the supernatural side of sex in our feature topic! In erotica, we check out Sweet Rori’s ‘Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013.’ We answer a listener question about … Read more

Wholesome Addiction: 098

Porn, porn, and more porn this week on the cast! The operator goes on a British bender and finds some of the best accents we’ve seen in porn since Plumptious Pea guested on the show. Listener Bradley asks us how triple X DVD stores work. We check out Michelle Fox’s ‘Under his Hands’ and the … Read more