Podcast 278: Trouble’s 25

We’ve got a fantastic show for you guys this week. Trouble stops by to hang with the guys and go over some reaction mail to episode 276’s 25. Then we have the return of Vlad and his questions of doom! Join us for a great time! To follow along and check out the show notes … Read more

Podcast 276: Trouble!

It’s a vegan cast this week as Beef isn’t able to join us. However, hearing Beef wasn’t going to be there Trouble picked up the slack and brought the show home. There are milk-drinking cows, nippled spacecraft, and shocking confessions on the cast this week. You won’t want to miss this – I’m not talking clickbait … Read more

Podcast 248: Guest Mrs. Sean

We didn’t have a show this week with the regular crew so Sean prodded Mrs. Sean (Shannon) into talking a little erotica (her favs like Xena and Warehouse 13) with him. Enjoy. Also, as a side note, we’ve put some links in the show notes that cover Shannon’s current squee – Lorena Garcia. [Sexy Pilgram … Read more

Podcast 238: Guest Trouble

This week on the show Beef plays with toys, Sean has what appears to be a waking dream, The Operator is a giggle machine, and “Trouble” makes her first appearance on the show! If you were looking for normal and easygoing this week… we’re afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. Long live the weird … Read more

Podcast 179: Michelle and Jenny

Buckle up kiddos, we are about to take you on a ride of total sidetracked awesomeness. The super-duo Michelle and Jenny #michelleandjenny join us three for the cast this week. As usual, our attention is focused on the pulse, the very core of journalistic integrity. Like so much Alice we fall down rabbit holes with … Read more