Wholesome Addiction: 162

This week your intrepid explorers celebrate stuff… and things! Okay, so really its 10:30pm on Friday and I have no desire to look at notes and write out what we did on the show sooooooo BOOBS! Also, the story I tell in this one somewhere is very much, totally, NOT my wife – and it SO didn’t happen. You know, at all, cuz… um… I love you baby!

On a sidenote do you think interplanetary aliens should be allowed to collect healthcare if they’ve lived here for more than 10 years? I lean towards yes because, T’Pol. In fact, the castpic this is week is T’Pol for no other reason than [Flava Flav on] yeeeeeeaaaahh Booooooy! [Flav off] I should really go now.