We are proud to present our catalog of show content filled with middle-aged men (and occasionally adult industry stars) talking about sexual situations, porn, and the sexy side of life in general. Join us for hours upon hours of the best we’ve been able to put together since our humble beginnings in 2012.

Just a few housekeeping notes: Most shows have outtakes after the outro music so stay tuned for that, show note links can be found in the show posts for each respective cast, going back past cast 60 or so is rough going, you’ve been warned.

Wholesome Addiction: 074

Our feature presentation is the splendor of the glory hole and the perverted sense of…

Wholesome Addiction: 061

This week on the cast your Wholesome Addiction crew has their yearly strip club outing….

Wholesome Addiction: 059

Lots of self styled ‘experts’ love to quote facts about porn and the people who…

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NOTE: I know there are a ton more shows I need to reload up here with all their respective show notes and I promise they are coming. It’s just a bit of hard labor on this end to get them all reposted correctly. For the few of you that use this site for that, I’ll get every show posted all the way back to show number 001 in the weeks ahead. ~Sean