Podcasts With Guests

We’ve had some great guests here on the show. We’ve listed them here for you to enjoy!

Wholesome Addiction: 048

This week, the first ever Wholesome Addiction Christmas Special featuring guests Bi and Bi, Plumptious Pea, and Yes That Tonya! Join us as we celebrate the holiday season with an…

Wholesome Addiction: 039

In honor of our friend Nightwing stopping by on the cast we declare this ‘The French Cast’ and French kissing and all around smoothness is the order of the day….

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NOTE: I know there are a ton more shows I need to reload up here with all their respective show notes and I promise they are coming. It’s just a bit of hard labor on this end to get them all reposted correctly. For the few of you that use this site for that, I’ll get every show posted all the way back to show number 001 in the weeks ahead. ~Sean