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Wild Wastes – Randi Darren

The Review:

Have you ever been playing D&D, and when the DM describes a monster thought, “I wonder if I can fuck that?” Well, if you haven’t then you may be on the wrong website and listening to the wrong podcast.  Wild Wastes by Randi Darren answers that question, and the answer is… Yes you can!!

Wild Wastes takes pace in a fantasy future, where what you can assume to be the Los Alamos experiments actually ripped a hole in reality, bringing mythical fantasy creatures into our world. Said creatures have taken over the central United States, which is now referred to as The Wastes.  Enter Vince the Ranger, experienced in navigating the wastes to get people and parcels from one coast to the other.  On one of his trips he encounters a female Orc, and through injury and a language barrier, he accidentally claims her as his wife and mate, which leads to her mounting him.

As the story progresses Vince continues to run into fantasy creature after fantasy creature, and what does he do?? He fucks them all and brings them home with him.  Now despite an impressive amount of kinky monster porn, this is a very good fantasy/post-apocalyptic story about freeing slaves and starting an inclusive community.  If I have any complaint at all, it does feel as though this might be the authors first attempt at writing a novel-length story, as several obvious plot devices pop up simply to move the story along.  All in all though if you are a fan of fantasy and porn, you will no doubt enjoy the hell out of this story.


The Details:

Wild Wastes – [Amazon]
Randi Darren – Author
Publication Date: March 4, 2017
Andrea Parsneau – Narrator
Print Length: 321 pages
Audio Book Length: 10hrs 31min

The Ratings:

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