Wholesome Addiction


We read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. Our favorite types are the sexy kind – of course. Sean and Jake have been reading books and watching movies with erotic content in them then sending recommendations to each other for the last several years. It finally occurred to us that we should be writing this down – so we started Wholesome Addiction Reviews.

How it works
We rate books or movies on a simple set of 0 -10 scales. We rate how well we thought the erotic content worked out as well as the overall quality of the content as a whole. We generally don’t review media we don’t like so if you see them on the site you’ll know one or both of us think you might get something good out of it. Bear with us, we’re new at this – enjoy!

Anne Rice

The Review: Anne Rice was one of the first authors whose body of work  I completely consumed. I wanted to pick one of her erotic

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