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The Story of “O” – Pauline Reage

The Review:

It’s taken me a while to figure out how to write a review of The Story of “O”, this being one of the most controversial pieces of erotic literature ever written.  And I do mean “Literature”. This book is not like the previous books I’ve reviewed, which no matter how well written, could be considered “Porn”. It is instead written with a fluidity of language and imagery, which conveys the total eroticism of the story, without the use of any wording that might be considered foul or corse. However, despite how beautifully written it is, you are left with a story that anyone fully familiar with the BDSM lifestyle will find compelling, erotic, and fully acceptable, and those who are unfamiliar with this world, or only know it from books like 50 Shades, might find appalling and disturbing.

The Story of “O” is told from the perspective of the main character “O”, takes place in an aristocratic Paris of the mid 20th century, and begins with the training of “O”, whom you come to know as a natural submissive, being trained at The Chateau as a slave for her lover René, and continues through their life together, even after René has given “O” to another man, to repay a debt. Constantly throughout the narrative, while being passed around, and shared enduring tortures, and seducing other women for her various men, “O” constantly relays to the reader how much love and joy she experiences through her submissiveness.

The author also goes to great pains to show where the true power in a D’s relationship lies, as “O” must consent to each new experience. I will admit that, as fascinating as I found all of this, the book does have an unsatisfying end for me, as the translator admits that there have been several different endings penned, depending on the version you have, some of which are pretty dark. One way or the other if you are looking for a stunning look into the life of a willing submissive, I can’t help but recommend this book.  However, if you find this lifestyle at all questionable, The Story of “O” flinches away from nothing.

The Details:

The Story of “O” – [Amazon]
Pauline Reage – Author
Publication Date:  September 24, 2012
Käthe Mazur – Narrator
Print Length: 240 pages
Audio Book Length: 7hrs 36min
Tantor Audio – Publisher

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