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The Girls from Alcyone – Cary Caffrey

The Review: 

Genetically and biomechanically-enhanced, teenage, lesbian, space-mercenaries… Yep! I was sold too.

The Girls from Alcyon is the first book of The Girls from Alcyon series.  I picked it up in my normal searches through Audible.  Now this book goes more into the category of “Sexy” vs “Sexual”. There is a very nice lesbian sex scene in the book, but as far as porn goes, that’s about it. However, if you like imagining young lesbians going into combat either naked or in skin-tight outfits, then you’ll love this book.  Now all of the sexiness aside (did I mention that there are lesbians?) what you have here is also a very well written sci-fi story.

The book begins on a future earth where a family is giving over their 6-year-old daughter, Sigrid, to a mercenary group, to pay off their growing debts. She is then transported off planet where she is groomed along with a number of other girls, to become the next generation of mercenaries.  As you follow Sigrid along on her adventures, the author does a wonderful job of world building, making her universe run by corporations rather than governments come alive.  Unlike most first novels, you at no time find yourself trying to figure out where something or someone fits into the story world. She also manages to work the sexual content, what there is of it, inorganically, with the main character discovering her attraction to and eventual love for another female character as the story progresses.

All in all, this is very good sci-fi. I could almost picture this as an anime where the women’s clothes keep getting destroyed in battle.  Very enjoyable!


The Details:

Book: The Girls from Alcyone [Amazon]
Author: Cary Caffrey
Narrator: Kristin James
Print Length: 316 pages
Audio Book Length: 10hrs 36min
Series Name: The Girls from Alcyone

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Jake and/or Sean give a score on how they felt the book compares to others they’ve read and how good the sexytime in the work is.

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