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So Not a Hero – S. J. Delos

The Review:

I don’t know about you, but I love Super Hero stories.  Especially ones that look at the whole idea of being a Super Hero from another angle.  So Not a Hero is the story of Karen Hashimoto, formerly the Super Villian known as Crushette. She may be super strong, so molecularly dense that she’s nearly invulnerable, and the former sidekick of the infamous Dr. Maniac, but she’s done her time, and simply wants to live out the rest of her life in peace.  So what if she has to keep sleeping with her parole officer every time she’s recognized and looses her job.  Imagine her surprise when she’s invited to join the premier hero group The Good Guys.

Here’s when the fun begins and several amazing questions get answered.  What happens when you go into battle in your street clothes and you’re hit with a beam that burns them off? Is there a penalty for fighting crime with your ass hanging out, and just enough of your shirt left to cover your nipples? Can Super Hero’s date mundane cops? What happens if they make their team mates jealous?  Is it possible to be submissive when you can crush your partner’s head like a grape? And most important, how do you keep from crushing his head like a grape when he’s going down on you?  When it’s all said and done there’s only one major sex scene, but we once again have a book which reads like an Anime where the heroine always manages to be naked by the end of the fight.

All in all this was an amazingly fun Super Hero story, with a lot of sexiness thrown in.


The Details:

So Not a Hero  – [Amazon]
S. J. Delos – Author
Series – A Hesitant Hero
Publication Date:  May 19, 2015
Angela Brazil – Narrator
Print Length: 274 pages
Audio Book Length: 11hrs 47min
Tantor Audio – Publisher

The Ratings:

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