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Sex at Dawn – Christophe Ryan & Cacilda Jethat

The Review:

Despite what the title might make you think, Sex at Dawn is the first non-fiction book I’ve considered reviewing. To be honest, it had never occurred to me. But, I had the opportunity to hear one of the authors interviewed by Asa Akira, and was fascinated. Sex at Dawn go far and wide to challenge mainstream notions of human sexual relations, and what we are told to consider “Natural”.

Going as far back as the days where human beings were hunter/gatherers, and comparing both modern and prehistoric societies to how our closest primate neighbors treat sexual relations, Sex at Dawn suggests that our concepts of marriage and monogamous relationships have been generated by society and not evolved naturally. At no time does Sex at Dawn attempt to push concepts of morality, or right and wrong.

The book simply looks at information and data concerning everything from statistics of infidelity, divorce, marriage counseling, and even statistics on the type of porn we watch and suggests that monogamous relationships, which have their place, may not be natural, despite the standard narrative we’ve been told to believe. So, if you’re looking for more FAP material, this may not be the book for you. But, if you’re interested in why you FAP, Sex at Dawn is a fascinating read.

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Sex at Dawn [Amazon]
Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha [Author]
Audio Book Length: 10hrs 57min


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