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Sci-Fi Erotica is a Fury of Win!

Erotica is easy to laugh at or criticize. It comes in all forms and more here than in many other mediums it is subjected to judgment from all angles. Personally, in my view, erotica serves the same purpose as porn – it provides the hook your brain needs to stimulate ones imagination. Soaps and romance novels often follow the same pattern. Its just candy for your brain to put you in a mood or along a track that gets you going.

I recently listened to Sizzling Stories of Sci-Fi Sex by Scott Allen from Audible. I was a little hesitant because it didn’t have a stellar set of reviews. Normally with other styles of book this would warn me off. However, with erotica the simple fact of it is most people don’t review them right as far as I can tell. Here are issues as I see them.

  1. Most people don’t react well to “non-vanilla” sexual stories
  2. Erotica isn’t noramally Tolstoy, or Jack Kerouac, it’s purpose is to get you turned on. Don’t judge them on the same scale.
  3. As beautifully stated in Ratatouille “We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read.” (see the rest of Anton Ego’s speech for a lesson on what critics really should be doing.)
  4. Publicly reviewed material open to review from anyone (especially when sex is involved) often doesn’t go well.

With that in mind I listened to the aforementioned Sci-Fi tales of sexy time – I was not disappointed. There are five short stories  in the book:

  • “The Aliens” – A man spending the summer alone in the Rocky Mountains gets the treat of his life when three sexy aliens crash near his cabin.
  • “The Hotel Housekeepers” – A man staying at a hotel eavesdrops on the couple next door making passionate love. But everything is not as it seems.
  • “Interrupted” – In this novella, time stops for a man who is interrupted just before an orgasm. While the world is frozen, he does what any normal man would do: he gorges himself on any woman he wants.
  • “Invisible” – A painfully shy man suddenly becomes invisible. He uses his new gift to spy on the woman of his dreams.
  • “The Genie” – A genie grants one man his wildest sexual wishes. The other one must outwit the genie to get what he wants.

Though the last one didn’t do anything for me (not my personal taste) such is often the way with a spread of sexual fantasies. Some fantasies in any given group of different stories will be your kink and others not. I found the rest of them excellent. Mr. Allen did a great job with the sexual setup and the sex itself was exactly what I was looking for when I was searching for Sci-Fi sex.

So really, all that to say, if you’re a horny Sci-Fi geek, download the book and check it out. The five hours you’ll spend listening to it will be time well spent, just sayin.

Sizzling Stories of Sci-Fi Sex by Scott Allen [Audible]