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Podcast 354: We Do What We Do

Podcast 354: This week we’ve got long necks, drama, when we find out Operator, doesn’t really love us like he says he does, and a homicidal little person to talk about on the show. Yep, you might say we have reverted to type this week. Join us!

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1 thought on “Podcast 354: We Do What We Do”

  1. Hi

    here is one for Beef

    I have a friend that is a EMT and he received a call that was a man mid 30 tip of penis cant stop bleeding. When they arrive to the site there was a man on the porch with his hand in his pants and said that he was the one. Basicly he tried to pass a rod to inside his penis and did not want to stop bleeding after. So they bring him to the emergency. The emergency doctor did not know what to do so he call a urologue and he said monitor him and let it bleed and it will stop. So he had a new nurse with him monitoring him will he was bleeding apprentice he said that it was shooting out as soon he was taking his tum off the tips. At the end he was ok it stop like the urologue sad.

    Realy like your show

    acadian knight

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