Wholesome Addiction

Podcast 349: Strippers, Crystals, and Listeners

Podcast 349 will go down in history as… a cast – mostly like the other 348 we’ve done. I wrote a long description that was both epic and witty earlier. Then the upload window of our podcast hosting provider apparently deemed it took too long so the browser timed out and I lost it. I am severely annoyed.

It was all like: blah blah, a witty comment, a pithy joke, followed by some content, then a sharp yet insightful social commentary on the times we live in followed by more content, then a wickedly enlightened observation about the nature of human sexuality that would have changed all our lives had you heard it. Truly, it would have moved you.

I closed up with a warm sentiment of good-natured inclusion that would have brought us a little closer as a people. Seriously we are all less because of the loss. F’ing browser session timeouts.

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