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Podcast 193: Beef is Back!

Podcast 193: Beef is Back!
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Prepare to witness the power of this fully armed and operational podcast! We talk crazy sex news, we read you listener letters, we get our ass totally handed to us with the best letter ever from a girl that really does exist, we make fun of Beef. Generally a good time is had by all. Sidenote: What is Roofalin?

1 thought on “Podcast 193: Beef is Back!”

  1. Hullo again good sirs,
    If I may presume to participate in your listener glory hole questions this week.
    Firstly to YepX, as a certified massage therapist I’ve found I don’t get erections when getting a massage because I know that nothing will come of it. My education has killed the fantasy.
    To Jake, I have stayed in a relationship with a woman who was absolutely toxic to me because the sex was good. She was multi-orgasmic which made me feel great and no didn’t seem to exist in her bedroom vocabulary.
    Thanks for the cast and your time,
    Wonko T. Sane

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