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Podcast 169: Strange Triggers

Podcast 169: Strange Sexual Fetishes
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Strange sexual fetishes: they’re more common than you think. We go over a list of 25 of them and see how many we can tick the boxes on. We take a look at some porn and debate the comfort and effectiveness of Duluth Naked Underwear then ask Op how many times he’s ordered pizza for women he doesn’t know. Join us, for episode 169 here on Wholesome Addiction!

1 thought on “Podcast 169: Strange Triggers”

  1. Wonko the Sane

    In regards to whether or not a vampire can fog a mirror. It depends on what mythos you subscribe to. If the vampire is warm bodied then it will, if it is cold bodied it won’t. As most describe vampires as dead and cold then in general the answer is no.

    Take care all,
    Wonko the Sane

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