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Podcast 152: Sex Tips From Cracked.com

Podcast 152: Sex Tips From Cracked.com
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We bring the content this week with Sex Tips from Cracked.com, I celebrate Family Ties, Op finds out what doing podcasts really counts for when searching for a date, and Beef can’t… keep it in. Because we been a little on the light side we bring forth the return of porn to our little porn cast show. To round things off we dab a trifle of sexy news, images Beef found and a video Sean thinks is just nasty enough to call dirty. Join us this week on Wholesome Addiction!

2 thoughts on “Podcast 152: Sex Tips From Cracked.com”

  1. Hey guys, big fan of the cast. In cast 152 you talked about how sexy it is to see a woman in nothing but an oversized shirt. I completely agree. I find few things are hotter than to see a woman wearing nothing but a shirt (especially a button up shirt). It’s particularly erotic when the bottom of the shirt just barely covers the pussy, so that any movement becomes a game of pussy peak-a-boo. I am not alone in loving how this looks, but I have been surprised how hard it is to find images of hot chicks stripping and only wearing shirts. Usually when the chick is stripping she sheds the shirt before the panties. During your porn searches what have you been unable to find images of that you thought would be more common? And more importantly what sites do you recommend with a good image search?

    1. Excellent Question sir! I’m Putting that in the listener question queue for answering on the show!

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