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JJ Riot and Charli McKenna’s Medical Exam

This week we celebrate Minxy Panda and Charli McKenna in Riot All Stars’: ‘Charli McKenna’s Medical Exam.’ Ya’ll need to check this out. We aren’t kidding. Our homie JJ hooked us up like crazy here with a call to the ‘WA Council’ and some name dropping of your boys. Add to that we are introduced to the badassery of Charli McKenna – who Sean is particularly enamored with now, and what you get is complete fap material. I mean really ya’ll, if you aren’t familiar with Charli McKenna you’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking out her work. More pics of Charli are on her Twitter feed @c_mckenna317 And you need to consider doing an extra big favor for yourself and watching her work in all her glory in her medical exam (pssst, there’s anal, just say’n)To say the least, it’s an epic shout out and we plan to forever promote our homie JJ Riot and his videos. Rock on JJ and gratz on the sweet content!

Also, on a personal note to Charli… damn girl, you’re killn it!

Here are the respective links:
Trailer with our name drop in it (Awesome)
Charli McKenna Video Itself
Riot All Stars Site
JJ Riot SIte
Our reaction to the trailer on cast 264 Starts @33:30

The Twitters:
Riot All Stars
Minxy Panda
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