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Good Intentions – Elliott Kay

The Reviews:

This being my first review, let me start by saying that I do 95% of my “Reading” via Audible audiobooks while I’m commuting to and from work.  So, most of my reviews on here will be on the audio versions of the book in question.  I came across Good Intentions when I actually wasn’t looking for anything classified as Erotica, but looking for something SciFi/Fantasy.

However when I was reading the description, I really was enjoying the premise, and was sold when I saw this warning at the end:

“WARNING: Good Intentions contains explicit sexuality, violence, nudity, inappropriate use of church property, portrayals of beings divine and demonic bearing little or no resemblance to established religion or mythology, trespassing, bad language, sacrilege, blasphemy, attempted murder, arguable murder, divinely mandated murder, justifiable murder, sexual promiscuity, kidnapping, attempted rape, arson, dead animals, desecrated graves, gang activity, theft, assault and battery, panties, misuse of the 911 system, questionable interrogation tactics, cell phone abuse, reckless driving, consistent abuse of vampires (because they deserve it), even more explicit sexuality, illegal use of firearms, polyamory, abuse of authority, hit and run driving, destruction of private property, underage drinking, disturbances of the peace, disorderly conduct, Internet harassment, bearers of false witness, mayhem, dismemberment, falsification of records, tax evasion, an uncomfortably sexy mother, bad study habits, and a very silly white guy inappropriately calling another white guy “nigga” (for which he will surely suffer).“

How could I not listen to this book?? What I found was actually a funny, exciting, and heartwarming story about a geeky college kid, who through a brave act of selflessness finds himself mystically bound to both an angel and a succubus, and discovers the paranormal underground of his hometown Seattle.  This book hits on so many levels.  If you’re looking for a good Urban Fantasy, this is it.  If you’re looking for a humorous buddy comedy, this is it. If you looking for a really well-written book of smut, you have really come to the right place.

On one last note, since I am reviewing the audiobook, and the narrator can make or break your enjoyment of such, the performance of Tess Irondale was spot on.  So read or listen on. You won’t regret it.


As often happens with books in the last few years Jake scouted and found this book first and because he is my brother in erotica, he recommended it to me. I put it on my list and didn’t think much about it until a few months later when I read it and it blew my brain out the back of my skull. I’ve always had a thing for Angels and Demon girls ever since reading the Incarnations of Immortality series when I was a teen and Elliott Kay managed to put together something that took that sexual fantasy about three steps further and distilled it down to a narrative very similar to fantasies I ran in my head for the last fifteen years.

Basically, the premise is this: Alex, a seemingly normal college student winds up getting cosmically bound to an angel and succubus. The three of them then spend a lot of time, and sexual energy, learning to live hooked up to each other with Alex as the “master” of the relationship. I’ve created this kind of scenario in my head but the way Mr, Kay brings Rachel and Lorelei to life and explains their different sexualities goes way beyond my expectations. I rate erotic books on if they can make me excited when reading/listening to it. In this Tess Irondale is exceptionally effective at making this happen. If you like erotic adventure novels at all, the audiobook is one of the best around.


The Details:

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Author: Elliott Kay
Narrator: Tess Irondale
Publication Date: June 3, 2011
Print Length: 476 pages
Audio Book Length: 22 hours and 2 minutes
Series Name: Good Intentions

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Sean and/or Jake give a score on how they felt the book compares to others they’ve read and how good the sexytime in the work is.

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