Wholesome Addiction

Finger Fruit

Art is an interesting thing. It comes in any and all shapes and sizes and can be almost anything. Take a look on Instagram and you’ll find Stephanie Sarley is making an interesting mix of materials and visuals with her fruit art videos and images. A while back there was the Great Wall of Vaginas that captured a lot of press for showing the many shapes and differences that vaginas take on and it was very interesting. However in MHO what it lacked is the sense of movement and, well, ‘aliveness’ (not sure, about that, my vocabulary fails me here) that this particular body part takes on.

Now enter Stephanie Sarley and her excellent series of fingering fruit and I think that just about gets the experience correct. It’s the texture and movement that the Great Wall of Vagina was missing. To capture the real feel of this you need to spark that primal reaction. Check her Instagram out and see if you don’t agree.

Stephanie Sarley [Instagram]