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Fimbulwinter: Daniel Black, Book 1 – E. William Brown

The Review:

In my quest for Geeky Smut, I keep running into books that feel like an anime.  Here’s another one! Fimbulwinter introduces us to Daniel Black, who has just experienced a comedically epic level of bad luck when he is offered an opportunity to help out a goddess on a parallel earth. Did we mention that magic exits and Ragnarok is about to begin?  At this point what else could go wrong? Next thing you know he’s fighting goblins and tolls with a pair of lesbian witches.

Once again we have another book where everyone ends up fighting naked, Nobel’s try to carry off damsels, boobs are made magically bigger, cat and demon girls, and there’s even an epic hentai style sex battle.  I do have to admit that the sex scenes themselves are not incredibly explicit, but that’s made up for with incredibly imaginative dialogue which includes quotes like, “FUCK MY BIG BOOBIES DANIEL!!!”  Above and beyond that, this qualifies as a well-written Fantasy/Adventure novel with both heart and humor that I’d have enjoyed even without the sexiness.

The Details:

Fimbulwinter: Daniel Black, Book 1  – [Amazon]
E. William Brown – Author
Series – Daniel Black
Publication Date:  Feb 15, 2016
Guy Williams – Narrator
Print Length: 239 pages
Audio Book Length: 8hrs 43min
E. William Brown – Publisher

The Ratings:

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