Wholesome Addiction


Finger Fruit

Art is an interesting thing. It comes in any and all shapes and sizes and can be almost anything. Take a look on Instagram and you’ll find Stephanie Sarley is making an interesting mix of materials and visuals with her fruit art videos and images. A while back there was the Great Wall of Vaginas that captured …

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The Human Body

What does the pinnacle of human performance look like? It’s an interesting question that has many answers because human performance is a many shaded and wonderful thing. The real trick is answering “performing at what?”; hammer throw, golf, running, softball, football? Humans take a beautiful but different shape training to do each of those things. …

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There’s An App For That

Oh come on! There’s an app for everything else why not one that lets you do something really important? I mean seriously what would you rather play with on your phone, Clan Wars or a beautiful vagina? You need this! Thanks to YepX for sending us the link! Pussy-Apps [Website]

Here Kitty Kitty

Our friend Spider Kitty sent a link to some very bad Kitties. We thought we would share them with you. We here everyone loves cat pics right? Of course you do! Black-Sapiosexual [Tumblr]

Mass Effect Cosplay

I love Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect, she’s both powerful and sexy as all hell. So should it be surprising that others feel the same way? It seems Jen from Soylent Cosplay just about nailed it. Check out the link (sent to us from our friend Not20) and see what we mean! Mass Effect Cosplay So …

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