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Atomic Blond

The Review:

For my first Wholesome Addiction Movie Review, we have Atomic Blond. Atomic Blond stars Charlize Theron as British MI-6 agent Lorraine Broughton. The story is framed around her being debriefed about an operation that took place in Berlin just prior to the wall coming down. So why am I reviewing this for an Adult Entertainment Web Site? Because Charlize Theron is hot that’s why. She also spends a few scenes in the movie naked.

Though recovering from an absolutely brutal fight, she is in fact completely naked in her very first scene of the movie. There is also an amazing lesbian scene between her and Sophia Boutella whom you may remember as the woman with swords for legs in Kingsmen (and if you don’t what the hell are you waiting for, go watch Kingsmen). Basically, Atomic Blond has everything your average depraved moviegoer should truly love: nudity, lesbians, and absolutely brutal violence. Ms. Theron makes her sexy way through this film shooting, beating, and screwing.

Add in a decent bit of 80’s music and fashion for a blissful feeling of nostalgia for us older viewers and even a splendidly twisting plot for spy thriller aficionados and you have a movie you can’t help but enjoy.

The Details:

Atomic Blond (2017) [IMDB]
Rating – R
Director – David Leitch
Naked Cast – Charlize Theron & Sophia Boutella

The Ratings:

Jake and/or Sean give a score on how they felt the book compares to others they’ve read and how good the sexytime in the work is.

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