We read a lot of books. Our favorite type of books are the sexy kind. Sean and Jake have been reading books with erotic content in them and sending recommendations to each other for the last several years. It finally occurred to us that we should be writing this down – so we started Wholesome Addiction Book Reviews.

How it works
We rate books on a simple set of 0 -10 scales. We rate how well we thought the erotic content worked out as well as the overall quality of the book as a whole. We don’t review books we don’t like so if you see them on the site you’ll know one or both of us think you might get something good out of it. Bear with us, we’re new at this – enjoy!

Babysitting the Baumgartners – Selena Kitt

The Review: This is a bit of a departure from the other books I’ve reviewed here.  Whereas the others have been excellent stories in their own right, they just happened
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Wild Wastes – Randi Darren

The Review: Have you ever been playing D&D, and when the DM describes a monster thought, “I wonder if I can fuck that?” Well, if you haven’t then you may
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The Girls from Alcyone – Cary Caffrey

The Review:  Genetically and biomechanically-enhanced, teenage, lesbian, space-mercenaries... Yep! I was sold too. The Girls from Alcyon is the first book of The Girls from Alcyon series.  I picked it
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Good Intentions – Elliott Kay

The Reviews: This being my first review, let me start by saying that I do 95% of my “Reading” via Audible audiobooks while I’m commuting to and from work.  So,
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