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Podcast 295: Amberly Rothfield. A few weeks ago we we're informed in no uncertain terms that phone sex lines weren't dead. We scoffed. Then that
Podcast 294: How Not to Spend Money on Hookers. The Operator seemed to have something else to do on Easter so Beef and Sean carried
Podcast 293: Paulina at Age 52. This week we take a ride with the hotness that is Supermodel Paulina Porizkova and her naked modelling at
Podcast 292: From Angela Crum to Penny Pax. We've got a show full of listener questions, The hotness of Penny Pax, and friend of the Show
Podcast 291: Booty 2.0. Follow three mid-aged men as they tromp through porn, sex, modern sexual issues and a horde of sexy news. Plus the
Podcast 290: Olympic Coverage. This week we cover the Olympics... not in the wholesome kind of way like CBS. Also, Jake - From State Farm
Podcast 289: Grid Girls and Whitney Wisconsin, Oh My. F1 Grid Girls are losing their jobs at the same time as Whitney Wisconsin loses her
Podcast 288: Sexdolls: They Took Our Jobs. We've talked about how robots are gonna take over before on the show but this week we chat
Podcast 287: ... And I Feel Fine. What do people do when the worlds about to end? Apparently about what you'd expect - until it doesn't.
Podcast 286: Men vs. Women. In this extremely wordy episode of Wholesome Addiction, we cover ground ranging all over the spectrum from women all the way
Podcast 285: Backfield in Motion. We tried. No, seriously we did. Sean just hijacked the show and started talking about things in rear ends faster
Podcast 284: Net Neutrality and Your Videos. To round out the beginning of the year bring you some news, wonder at how amazing Aly Raisman is
Podcast 283: Robot Dolls Will Take Over. The revolution is coming! Or as some say, it's already here. Sex dolls, depending on where you stand
Podcast 282: As A Man. What can I do - As a Man - it's an important, heavy question which we are asked this week.
Podcast 281: Listener Letters and Hentai. . It's a listener show this week and we answer some awesome mail. Along the way, there is: Top
Podcast 280: Holiday Fun. A holiday time for videos and sexy news. Oh yes my friends, there's a family video and a guy in a
Podcast 279: Sexy Times At WA High. We've packed a lot into the show this week. Sexy news, a new erotica review, Vlad's second round
Podcast 278: Trouble's 25 and Vlad's Game. We've got a fantastic show for you guys this week. Trouble stops by to hang with the guys
Podcast 277: The Future, The Sister, and The Nymph. The return of Wholesome Addiction brings you three hosts that run all over the place this
Podcast 276: That's Some Good Milk. It's a vegan cast this week as Beef isn't able to join us. However hearing Beef wasn't going to

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