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Podcast 323: News and Listener Glory. Remember DJ and Kimmie and DJ's little sister? Of course you do, we all do. Their hot and grown
Podcast 322: Amberly Rothfield - Part 2. Murder Van Ya'll, that's all we're say'n. We roll through part II of our interview with Amberly Rothfield. Just strap
Podcast 321: Amberly Rothfield - Part 1. This week we have one of our favorite people back on the show! Join us for part 1
Podcast 320: Elven Fantasy. This week on the show Sean has an Elf Fetish, The Operator is broken by Wednesday Addams, we wonder what happened
Podcast 319: Guest - Casey Carter! This week on the show we have the extremely talented and sublime Casey Carter! We cover everything from erotica
Podcast 318: Hot For Teachers! We comb through some news this week on the show. First of all, I don't remember women coming on to
Podcast 317: Listener Questions and Destroyed Hind-Ends! We open up the holes of glory this week on the show and read off questions from you
Podcast 316: Elf Sex and Other Things That Didn't Happen! This week on the show we bid farewell to a legend and try and fathom
Podcast 315: Guest Kelley Cabbana! This week on the show we are joined by the completely wonderful and talented Kelley Cabbana! Sean is a little
Podcast 314: Sex Toys. This week we've got toys! We had some scheduling conundrums with your trio this week but lucky for us Shannon (Sean's
Podcast 313: Listener Glory. This week Sean empties the mailbag and we delve deep into the vast hole of your glory, again and again, we
Podcast 312: We All Scream For Ice Cream. I scream she screams, we all scream over ice cream... Look we tried, really we did but
Podcast 311: Guest Meana Wolf. For Labor Day we have a special guest this week in the form of the beautiful and talented Meana Wolf. Join
Podcast 310: Yanet is Single & Listener Questions. This week on the show we cover: some fine looking booty, the bunny ranch is shut down,
Podcast 309: Guest Alice Funker. We are joined on the cast this week by the absolutely adorable Alice Funker. She's 5' 10", a cam girl,
Podcast 308: Guest Alexis Fawx. This week on the show we are joined by the incredibly beautiful and talented Alexis Fawx. In this amazing interview,
Podcast 307: News. This week your WA crew tackles some news and learns that Yanet is still a badass, Superman can't date and that we
Podcast 306: Mail From The Listeners. This week we postulate on the virtues of Alien Queen sex while answering a load of listener email. Because, as
Podcast 305: Guest Cindy Starfall. This week on the show we are joined by the beautiful and talented Cindy Starfall! She's 4'11" of sexy awesome
Podcast 304: News. This week we cover some sexy news and then start drifting like we sometimes do. Mostly we blame Sean. Regardless, we had

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