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In podcast 356 we go off the rails. No really, We spent so much time gabbing before the show I had to include about a
Podcast 355: Listener letters! No really, we did it this time and did it right. Plus we learned Beef doesn't like sounding. Hey, who knew,
Podcast 354: This week we've got long necks, drama, when we find out Operator, doesn't really love us like he says he does, and a
Podcast 353: We are totally sidetracked this week by a hat and a toe. I wish I had more for you but it's mostly talk
Podcast 352: This week on the show we feature special guest Kenzie Taylor! Kenzie drops by to talk about the upcoming Captian Marvel porn parody
Podcast 351: This is a vegan cast this week! That's right no Beef this week and we are all sad about it - prolly more
Podcast 350: The life and times of folks who may have done things you don't want to do. I'm not saying you'd want to but
Podcast 349 will go down in history as... a cast - mostly like the other 348 we've done. I wrote a long description that was
Podcast 348: Sometimes you may think we don't listen, but we do. Sometimes you may think Beef smells of man stink, he does. Sometimes you
Podcast 347: Did you know there is a school in Columbia where an adult star teaches students how to be adult stars? Neither did we
Podcast 346: This week on the show we learn and explore things. For instance, did you know that a water fountain isn't called that? Do
We rally this week as our lost brother rejoins us for this excellent episode of the show. We've got everything from Lindsay Lohan and Cuba's
Podcast 344: We found proof that we might live inside the Matrix. Don't believe me? Okay try this, splice Jaime Pressly and Margo Robbie's faces
Podcast 343: Join us for a little chat with our the talented and sexy Ember Snow! @embersnowxxx We had the best time Ember with Topics that
Podcast 342: It's a fine day for some sexy news and a little naked acting here on the cast. Not us doing the acting other,
Podcast 341: We're back! That's right ya'll we got it together this week and put it to 'em - we made a show. This week
Podcast 340: Welcome to this Mother's Day edition of Wholesome Addiction that has nothing to do with Mother's Day! Mostly it's talk of Game of
Podcast 339: Behold this, a podcast! We did search the depths of scheduling and found but one sliver of space-time where a convergence might occur.
Podcast 338: Do you wanna talk about Arya and Gentry finally hooking up on Game of Thrones and how you feel kinda weird inside watching
Podcast 337: This week Beef and Sean limp through a cast without Operator's guidance. We even stayed on topic for most of the show! Op

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