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Welcome to this Mother's Day edition of Wholesome Addiction that has nothing to do with Mother's Day! Mostly it's talk of Game of Thrones and
Behold this, a podcast! We did search the depths of scheduling and found but one sliver of space-time where a convergence might occur. We took
Podcast 338: Do you wanna talk about Arya and Gentry finally hooking up on Game of Thrones and how you feel kinda weird inside watching
Podcast 337: This week Beef and Sean limp through a cast without Operator's guidance. We even stayed on topic for most of the show! Op
Podcast 336: The best of the best, of the best. That is the question Sean ponders on today's show. Don't ask us, we aren't sure
Podcast 335: This week we don't cut our manhood up. We don't cut our manhood up and we don't punch extra holes in it -
Podcast 334: Special Guest - Linsey from LJForeplay joins us on the cast this week! You know, the girl who got kicked out of a
Podcast 333: Hot, Angry... yoga. Honestly Yoga pants and girls cussing up a storm sounds pretty awesome. This week Beef has a detachable appendage, Sean
Podcast 332: Join us this week as we talk stuff, and, things! We cover our girl Farrah Abraham... yet again, reason that Alita is over
Podcast 331: This week on the show we have no idea what we're doing. The Operator is out and it becomes very clear once again
Podcast 330: You Guys Are Annoyed With Gillette.. This week on the show y'all had some things to say about recent advertising, we are always
Podcast 329: Sexy News. What do R. Kelly, Tie Pods, RDJ, U.S. birth rates, Liara and Cheetara all have in common? They are all topics
Podcast 328: Listener Glory. This week on the show we tackle a backlog of listener questions, Beef makes a jingle, it's pointed out to us
Podcast 327: News. This week we take you through a backlog of news and other assorted sundries. It's pretty much the norm: ghost sex, bad
Podcast 326: Beef Is Broken. In this episode we break Beef. Okay we don't per say, really a listener does, then we make Beef live
Podcast 325: Merry Kreeznutz!. Merry Kreez nutz ya'll - here's some booty! We thought we'd drop a few more shows before the end of the
Podcast 324: Guest Jillian Janson. This week we have the super-talented and completely lovely Jillian Janson on the show! Jillian stops by and completely sexy's
Podcast 323: News and Listener Glory. Remember DJ and Kimmie and DJ's little sister? Of course you do, we all do. Their hot and grown
Podcast 322: Amberly Rothfield - Part 2. Murder Van Ya'll, that's all we're say'n. We roll through part II of our interview with Amberly Rothfield. Just strap
Podcast 321: Amberly Rothfield - Part 1. This week we have one of our favorite people back on the show! Join us for part 1

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