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Podcast 281: Listener Letters and Hentai. . It's a listener show this week and we answer some awesome mail. Along the way, there is: Top
Podcast 280: Holiday Fun. A holiday time for videos and sexy news. Oh yes my friends, there's a family video and a guy in a
Podcast 279: Sexy Times At WA High. We've packed a lot into the show this week. Sexy news, a new erotica review, Vlad's second round
Podcast 278: Trouble's 25 and Vlad's Game. We've got a fantastic show for you guys this week. Trouble stops by to hang with the guys
Podcast 277: The Future, The Sister, and The Nymph. The return of Wholesome Addiction brings you three hosts that run all over the place this
Podcast 276: That's Some Good Milk. It's a vegan cast this week as Beef isn't able to join us. However hearing Beef wasn't going to
Podcast 275: Listener Questions. We take a little time out to catch up and some much-needed listener questions and prove without a shadow of a
Podcast 274: Hef Has Passed. Welcome to the cast that almost wasn't! We had some audio problems this week but luckily the boys pulled through in
Podcast 273: No Operator, We are Scared!. The Operator left Beef and Sean by themselves for this show. We huddled for warmth and generally cried
Podcast 272: Boobs are Confusing!. The Operator is confused this week by boobs. Listen in as he tells his tale of boobs at the mall
Podcast 271: Fireflies. We tackle the hard questions this time on the show. Like Frost/Nixon we get to the bottom of the challenging questions of
Podcast 270: The Future of Sex. We take a scary glimpse into the future and consider what is to become of the human race, sexually.
Podcast 269: Christmas. I'm not quite sure what we were on this time out but whatever it was we need more of it. On the
Podcast 268: No Sex With Megan Fox. This week on the show we cover a great number of things such as, never spend money thinking
Podcast 267: Apolonia Lapiedra. We examine some new talent in the industry as we check out work from Apolonia Lapiedra in this weeks show. We also
Podcast 266: Cooking With Semen. This week: Cooking with Semen! No, we aren't kidding this is a thing. Also, we take a listener question and make fun
Podcast 265: Beef Goes Camping. We return with a show this week after Sean's birthday and Beef went camping. And does Beef have an almost
Podcast 264: Minxy Panda and Charli McKenna. This week we celebrate Minxy Panda and Charli Mckenna in Riot All Stars' Medical Exam. Ya'll need to check this out. We aren't kidding. Our homie
Podcast 263: WA Goes to Japan. We have the return of Vlad this week and that has us on a plane to Japan. Also, we
Podcast 262: Germans and Boobs. Gather round boys and girls as we journey forth into story time with Uncle Sean! This week Sean tells, at

Note* If you are looking for the live links to the vids and stories we talk about on the show The Operator has got your back! Every week he publishes them in clickable format on our old Tumblr page and our NEW Tumblr page!