Podcast Archive

Podcast 257: Wisconsin Strip Clubs. This week Sean Travels to 'Scanson and winds up podcasting in Cecil's basement with Beef. It was an eventful week really:
Podcast 256 We invent new Lingerie. I'm on the run this week visiting Beef in Milwaukee but I still managed to get the cast edited
Podcast 255 Listener Questions. We take some time out to answer a few listener questions this week. Join us as we all take a journey
Podcast 254: Thundarr's Ariel and Anal Fun. Riiiiiidddde! That's right ya'll we remember the suggestive animation that is Thundarr the Barbarian and his sexy magic princess
Podcast 253: Princesses and Porn. This week on the show we discover $24 Disney princess lingerie, that Beef wants to be Freddie Mercury when he
Podcast 252: Beef Hates Pandas. You may know Johnny hates jazz but did you also know Beef hates pandas? You will after this week. And
Podcast 251: Happy Birthday Beef. Happy birthday to Beef! That's right ya'll, its Beef's birthday as we record this and we all gather around to
Podcast 250: Cast by Jake. We keep calm and carry on this week. The Operator isn't here so Beef and Sean take the helm and
Podcast 249: Fear The Toe. Join us for the most in-depth conversation about fake camel toe you will hear all week! Seriously, we didn't know
Podcast 248: Erotica / FanFic... Xena. We didn't have a show this week with the regular crew so Sean prodded Mrs. Sean (Shannon) into talking
Podcast 247: Rampant. Rampant, that's what we have on this weeks cast - Rampant Awseome, Statues, and Beef goes on a date. Plus we aren't
Podcast 246: Phoenix Marie - & Other Unrelated Topics. We cover a lot of ground this week on the show. Not the least of which
Podcast 245: Yanet is Killing It. Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games, We got everything you want... further lyrics redacted to avoid
Podcast 244: WA Goes To The Strip Club. This week on the show Beef and Sean take a trip to Baby Dolls - the WA-endorsed
Podcast 243: Reactions. This week we hear a few reactions to some clips we had last week. Spoilers: people were moved. Beef holds the line
Podcast 242: The Rise of Overwatch. My fellow co-hosts will tell you that this cast started off great then, at the end, I may have
Podcast 241: A New Year. The first cast of the new year. We do it just about like every turn of the cycle here on the
Podcast 240: Last cast of 2016. Its the last cast for the 2016 year! Join us for some sexy news and outtakes on this new
Podcast 239: Op Takes a Knee. That's right ya'll Op is no longer a bachelor, he is engaged! We poke and prod him at the
Podcast 238: Tinkerbell and Trouble. This week on the show Beef plays with toys, Sean has what appears to be a waking dream, The Operator

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