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Podcast 312: We All Scream For Ice Cream. I scream she screams, we all scream over ice cream... Look we tried, really we did but
Podcast 311: Guest Meana Wolf. For Labor Day we have a special guest this week in the form of the beautiful and talented Meana Wolf. Join
Podcast 310: Yanet is Single & Listener Questions. This week on the show we cover: some fine looking booty, the bunny ranch is shut down,
Podcast 309: Guest Alice Funker. We are joined on the cast this week by the absolutely adorable Alice Funker. She's 5' 10", a cam girl,
Podcast 308: Guest Alexis Fawx. This week on the show we are joined by the incredibly beautiful and talented Alexis Fawx. In this amazing interview,
Podcast 307: News. This week your WA crew tackles some news and learns that Yanet is still a badass, Superman can't date and that we
Podcast 306: Mail From The Listeners. This week we postulate on the virtues of Alien Queen sex while answering a load of listener email. Because, as
Podcast 305: Guest Cindy Starfall. This week on the show we are joined by the beautiful and talented Cindy Starfall! She's 4'11" of sexy awesome
Podcast 304: News. This week we cover some sexy news and then start drifting like we sometimes do. Mostly we blame Sean. Regardless, we had
Podcast 303: Lasered Lips. Ladies, have you ever wanted to wear labia around your neck? Well, of course you have, I mean, who hasn't? Now you
Podcast 302: Sean's Night Out. In episode 302 we cover things that didn't happen during Sean's anniversary, Listener questions where a very awesome woman tells
Podcast 301: Markling - It's Not That Hard. The Markle, Beef says it's not that hard. Not only does he say this, he keeps saying
Podcast 300: We Made It Ya'll. It's our 300th cast this week! That's right ya'll, we go back to our roots and talk sexy news,
Podcast 299: Alexxxis Allure. This week we mess around, forget to do an outro and generally cause chaos. Mostly, we think, because we are joined
Podcast 298: Evelyn Milano. This week we are joined by the ever talented Evelyn Milano - Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix. Yep, you read that correctly. She badass,
Podcast 297: A Sexy Sex Cult. Who knew a sex cult was on the menu?! Nicki Clyne AND Allison Mack being sex cult recruiters. I think
Podcast 296: A Virgin Price Plus News. We cover some news this week without The Operator - we do our best. Also, how much is
Podcast 295: Amberly Rothfield. A few weeks ago we we're informed in no uncertain terms that phone sex lines weren't dead. We scoffed. Then that
Podcast 294: How Not to Spend Money on Hookers. The Operator seemed to have something else to do on Easter so Beef and Sean carried
Podcast 293: Paulina at Age 52. This week we take a ride with the hotness that is Supermodel Paulina Porizkova and her naked modelling at

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