Okay, I clicked where are my boob pics? The short answer is right below! Select the brain siphon of the humble host of your choice and find out what draws our eye in pictorial format.

WARNING: The images you will find they aren’t the loveable PG-13 variety that adorn this site. They’re the hardcore, moral infractions that make you go blind and lead to furious fapping. So if you are squeamish, and honestly if you listen to this show we can likely count you out of that category – don’t click.

Helpful Hints

Because we don’t want to scar your brain here’s a roadmap, if you will, for our blogs.

Beef’s Blog: (Neo on) Blondes, lots of blondes (Neo off) also tats, lingerie, and heels.

Operator’s Blog: Op likes Latinas and sex gifs. Hard to go wrong there.

Sean’s Blog: Ummm, yeah. Look, there’s no telling what he’s got going. Wear protection.