Wholesome Addiction


We have assembled this inventory of inquiries, a codex of sorts – built with the singular purpose of quelling the burning curiosity that brims forth and overtakes your soul with longing. 

Q: Where can I download/hear the show?

A: Much like porn sites themselves, you’ve got options there and we add more all the time.

Q: How do I contact the Wholesome Addiction Crew by email?

A: Any of these addresses will get to us. Submit goes to everyone and we each have a private one as well.

Q: What social media are you guys on?

A: Twitter is our primary. You can always find us there.

Q: Where can I find the ‘show notes’ for each cast?

A: The podcast post for each show located on this site has a link to the show notes. Note: some casts don’t have notes, but most do.

Q: Are there outtakes on every cast? Why?

A: Yes, if you listen past the final outro music on a show you’ll hear us being stupid. They exist because we like to celebrate our weirdness not hide it. All but a handful of shows have outtakes of some sort. 

Q: Is Beef’s name really Beef?

A: Yes, yes it is.

Q: How did The Operator get his name?

A: I’ll do you one better, why is The Operator? The Operator (aka: Operator, Op) got his name from a cast Sean used to be on long ago – in another time. Op would submit news and links so much to that show that Sean started referring to him as ‘The Operator’ from the Matrix. It stuck.

Q: Why does Sean use his real name?

A: So he will never run for office.

Q: How long have you guys been doing this show?

A: Our first episode was released on January 15, 2012

Q: Who is Trouble?

A: Operator’s Wife. She’s Brazilian. 

Q: Who is Shannon?

A: Sean’s Wife. She’s Bi and carries a gun for a living. 

Q: Who is Trampstampia?

A: Trampstampia is Beef’s stripper name we gave him in podcast 62. He doesn’t like to talk about it so we bring it up all the time.

Q: Why do you call out random numbers during the Sticky Quickie Minute?

A: They are the numbers assigned to the images we are looking at. To see what we are seeing you can check the show notes for that cast and follow along. We realize it’s super annoying but we can’t seem to stop either.

Q: When do you release the cast?

A: Generally we try to release a cast every week on Sunday or Monday but on occasion we fail and skip a week. 

Q: Do you guys have a Patreon?

A: Dear Crom yes and may Crom bless you for asking. It’s here: https://www.patreon.com/wholesomeaddiction and we so appreciate anything you feel like throwing our way. A little goes a LONG way.

Q: Where can I find Sean’s infamous New Tumbl page?

A: Okay, its here: https://wa-sean.newtumbl.com/but don’t say we didn’t warn you, he’s not right.

Q: Ummm, what’s the deal with Crom?

A: Sean is a student of the riddle of steel. Seriously, educate yourself or Crom will laugh you off his mountain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWG-nHuuCRc

Q: What’s the deal with the whole “As a Man” thing?

A: We got a letter from listener Lou a long time ago. In it, he was making a point that began with the phrase “As a man” and when Operators ‘Lou voice’ said that line it just sounded funny. We’ve gone with it ever since and now it is a call and response. When one envokes it the other two must respond.

Q: What guests have you guys had on the show?

A: We’ve had a bunch! To view the shows with guests go to the main menu at the top of any page and under the ‘Podcast+‘ option select ‘Podcasts With Guests‘ from the drop-down to view all the casts with guests.

Q: What other podcasts are the guys on?

A: So glad you asked! Actually there are a few, we’d love for you to check them out!