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Where can I download/hear the show?
Much like porn sites themselves, you’ve got options there and we add more all the time.

We are now searchable and listed on iTunes and located in the “Sexuality” and “Society and Culture” podcast section. (heh, funny I know, but true!) just search Wholesome Addiction, or select “iTunes” the link at the top of the page You’ll find us!

Stitcher Smart Radio
Think podcast content should be consumed more like radio? The folks at Stitcher would agree with you. Mostly because they are the leader in Internet Radio for the world beyond music. They deliver the latest news, politics, sports, business and entertainment on-demand to listeners on their mobile phones which as you might have guessed includes Wholesome Addiction! Just search “Wholesome Addiction” on your moblie app or on their website to find us and start streaming.

This Site

Don’t want to deal with RSS or or a third party? Its cool, click the Cast Archive option located top nav of this page.

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Show Notes

If you are looking for the live links to the vids and stories we talk about on the show The Operator has got your back! Every week he publishes them in clickable format on our old Tumblr page and our NEW Tumblr page http://morewholesomeaddictionlinks.tumblr.com/!