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Beef: One of your intrepid cohosts Beef is a master of turning the obscure into the insightful and the ordered into chaos. Veteran cohost of Legends Podcast and foot soldier in the burger wars of the 1980’s

Superpower – Pierced junk can stop a woman’s affections at a distance of ten feet.

About our Wholesome Addiction
There is nothing wrong with desire.

That’s a simple fact. Whether some want to admit it or not, we all have desires that come in many forms. Here at Wholesome Addiction, we are focusing on one unique and extremely popular addiction. One desire that is shared by millions around the world…albeit in secret – porn.

Many look upon the humble viewer of adult entertainment (porn) as they would a fallen angel. A hopeless soul whose life is in something of a shambles and has sunk so low as to watch erotica alone in the dark.

We just can’t go along with that.

Whether you call it adult entertainment, porn, dirty movies, erotica, or naughty pictures – we love all the hotness. For us, it’s a Wholesome Addiction.

But rather than doing it in secret, we choose to celebrate it and talk about it openly. Without shame. Unapologetically.

We love and continue to be fascinated by all forms of adult entertainment and sex and its effect on us in our everyday lives. And we wanted to create a forum for fans like ourselves to have open and honest discussion and appreciation of all facets of porn and adult entertainment.

We’ve all watched it. We’ve all enjoyed it. So why not talk about it?

After all…there is nothing wrong with desire. So join us for our weekly show; check out some sweet porn pics on our Tumblr sites; follow some of the links from our show notes and find some truly ‘not safe for work material!’

Sean: Being a man who enjoys both romantic comedies and hardcore BDSM videos Sean is an odd combination of wit and charm coupled with complete irrelevance.

Superpower – Master of mental parkour and locating porn clips in under 15 seconds.

The Operator: So named for his ability to make the unready and untrained into sleek bringers of awesome The Operator is also a veteran cohost of Legends Podcast.

Superpower – Can completely oil a small Asian woman in less time than it takes to make microwave burritos.

Who’s that girl in the Wholesome Addiction logo?

Her name is Laila and she is a succubus. Our friend Tera over at succubus.net wrote an awesome story about her and how she became what she is. We highly recommend checking it out here!